The Nine Second Rule Part III

I believe clients buy a home in nine seconds, that’s right nine seconds.

Previously we discussed the first two three seconds that a client buys a home; first impressions and from the car door to the front door. Now we’re going to wrap it up with the final three seconds. Guess what? We never know where that is. Some buyers are impressed with a large open kitchen, other with a compact Pullman style kitchen. Some like a large yard others a small intimate area. Some are wowed by fancy appliances others just want them to function. My wife was impressed by the size of the yard on our first house because she imagined our children playing on a swing under the large oak tree. The point is we never know where that place is that makes up the last three seconds so every asset the house has to offer needs to be presented in the best light. By light I mean literally light, turn on the lamps, open the shades, brighten up the paint, trim the foliage, make it all look inviting and you will have a sale. Remember you can’t sell a house; the house has to sell itself. Nine seconds is all there is.

The first three is when they first see the house. Doesn’t matter if it’s online, from a flyer or when they pull up in the front of the house.

The next three seconds is the car door to the front door including the front door, stoop, walk, drive, etc…
Finally the last three seconds is somewhere else and we never know where that is. It will change from buyer to buyer. Some will fall in love with the kitchen; others will find the yard of their dreams, a finished garage or some niche that catches their fancy.
The point here is that the seller and agent can easily control two thirds of the process by making those first six seconds count.

Where did I come up with this idea? After showing hundreds of house I noticed the reactions the clients had as we proceed from the rudimentary process of qualifying and consulting to seeing the homes. Many years ago we had little chance of the first impression if the only thing we could show was a black and white “drive by” picture in an MLS book. Now we have video via internet, Aps on our phones and wonderful full color digital brochures to enhance our clients’ vision. Pulling up in front of a home is still important and the agent should make the best of this opportunity. Park across the street if the neighborhood is what you are selling, in the dive if that’s what you want to show off or if you’re showing a townhouse