The Nine Second Rule Part II

The Nine Second Rule Part II

I believe clients buy a home in nine seconds, that’s right nine seconds.

We already discussed the first three seconds when the buyer first sees the house. The second three seconds come from the car door to the front door. When my mother stepped out of the REALTOR’s® car in 1938 and started up the hedgerow flanked path she turned to my Dad and said, “This is where we are going to raise our family.” She sold that house in 2004. She had not seen the interior, the kitchen, the rear yard, the laundry area or basement shop or any of the interior of this magnificent craftsman home, she just knew intuitively. Don’t underestimate the power of intuitiveness. It is not a mystery; it is simply our minds processing a kaleidoscope of facts as they are presented to us. Like colors mixing in our minds and coming out bright or dark. I like to park on the street when showing property allowing my clients to take in as much of the property as possible as we walk to the front door. When we arrive at the stoop there is a chance to chant while we await entry. This spot is important as the client will turn and look out on the neighborhood and then appraise the entry area. Make it as pleasant and appealing as possible even though you know everyone comes in through the garage. If you are successful with the first two three seconds of the process you are two thirds of the way to selling the home.

The final three seconds are coming up next.