The Nine Second Rule: Part 1 of 3

The Nine Second Rule: Part I

by Peter Greer

I believe clients buy a home in nine seconds, that’s right nine seconds. It’s broken down to three-three second intervals. I’m sure you’ve heard of “You only have one chance to make a first impression.” Well in real estate that is paramount not only in selling yourself but also in selling a house. The first three seconds that a potential buyer sees a house whether it’s on the internet, in an ad or when they pull up in front of the house they get an “Impression.” This impression is one third of the decision to purchase. Do they see themselves living in this house? Will their friends be impressed? Will their parents or children want to come to visit? All these questions run through their minds along with all the financial obligations that will come with the property; is the landscaping in need of help, the paint, the roof and so forth. I’ve witnessed many a face scowl at a house when we pulled up in front even though the house meets every criteria perfectly it just didn’t ‘Feel’ good at first sight. Alternately I’ve seen buyers giddy with anticipation when we pull up in front when the house had a desirable appearance to it. It’s up to the real estate agent and/or home owner to make the first three seconds as welcoming as possible staying within the realm of honesty of course.

The second three seconds coming up in next weeks post!